Express your emotions in your diary with pictures

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Express your emotions in your diary with pictures


In a diary we always write a lot of things. Whether it's funny or not, the joys and sorrows of each day are something to remember and record.


Our emotions are always changing. When we encounter something beautiful, we will be very happy and record it in our own way or gaze at it with full attention. When we encounter something unhappy, sadness may stay with us for a long time, aggravation and pain may seem to be negative things, but they are also a colorful part of life.

When you want to record your emotions each day or each time period, which way do you use. You might write down words like "happy" and "angry" in your journal. But it is also a good choice to draw your face at that time.

The human face is so muscular that we can make many different expressions, even though they may all mean the same thing. But expressions are more diverse than words, and at the same time more precise. If you record your emotions of the day with a design of an expression in your notebook, the picture will also be clearer when you recall it.

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