Chinese painting gives life to stationery

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Chinese painting gives life to stationery

Chinese painting originated in the Han Dynasty and refers mainly to scroll paintings painted on silk, rice paper, or silk and framed. Chinese painting is a traditional form of Chinese painting, using the brush dipped in water, ink, and color to paint on silk or paper. The tools and materials include brushes, ink, Chinese painting paints, rice paper, silk, etc. The subject matter can be divided into figures, landscapes, flowers, birds, etc. Techniques can be divided into figurative and realistic. Chinese painting reflects the ancient people's knowledge of nature, society, politics, philosophy, religion, morality, literature, and art associated with it in its content and artistic creation.

Chinese painting encompasses many things, and ink painting is only one type of Chinese painting. These Chinese paintings printed on stationery will give the paper a new look.


Let's take a look at this custom A5 notebook first. At first glance, one would think it is a relic because there is a sense of obsolescence. The cloth on the cover of the notebook is somewhat yellowed. The cliffs and mountain trails on the canvas are the resident guests of ancient Chinese landscape painting. The images bring out the characteristics of Chinese painting. This notebook should make a nice decorative piece to put on a bookshelf.

The inside pages of notebooks can be custom printed with beautiful Chinese paintings. High mountains and flowing water are the perfect moods. You can feel the beautiful scenery every time you open it to write.


Of course, sticky notepads cannot be ignored. Long sticky notes are the most retro style and can also decorate books.


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