A collection of various custom notebooks

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A collection of various custom notebooks

Today we are going to share some novelty notebook designs with you. Compared to traditional notebooks, these novelty shapes are more valuable to show and play with, so I'm sure there's one you like.


I. Furry notebooks

In this cold weather, winter is here do you also want a warm thing. Then this furry notebook will be your favorite!

This notebook is no longer the traditional notebook cover but instead is like the cover of animal hair. This furry design is enhanced in both look and feel, and you can pet it like to pet a cat.


II. Pillow Notebook

As the name implies, this notebook combines a pillow and a notebook to form a new gadget rich in design. It feels softer than a soft leather notebook and is thicker like a pillow. If you have a pillow notebook, you could lie on top of it to take a nap after fatigue.

III. Embossed Notebooks

This notebook is more like a work of art. Traditional notebooks would have the pattern printed on the notebook's cover, but this notebook is like making a model with the design engraved on the surface.

The embossed pattern has a three-dimensional feel, more infectious and visual impact, but the bumpy design may make the writing process less comfortable.


I wonder which one you will like. If you need a custom notebook, we will provide you with various options - we are a notebook supplier!

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