History of Printed Matter

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HistoryofPrinted Matter
In the Song Dynasty, Bi Sheng invented mastic movable type printing. Movable type consists of single characters that can be combined together to print relevant graphic information and can be reused after being disassembled.At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese invented block printing, which used pear wood or jujube wood as the plate, carved the text and text with a knife, then coated the plate with ink, and then covered the paper on the inked plate, and then applied pressure on the paper with a brush to complete the transfer of the text and text. In this period, there was an obvious defect in block printing, that is, each new graphic information needed to be re-carved a new block, and the block engraving process was very laborious and time-consuming, and the solution to this problem first appeared in China.



Movable type printing developed to the 14th century, The German Gutenberg summed up the experience of predecessors and the achievements of printing technology at that time, developed lead, antimony, tin alloy movable type, which greatly reduced the cost of text printing, greatly improved the quality and speed, and made an outstanding contribution to the history of world printing.

Early printing was done on hand-operated wooden printing machines of the type Gutenberg had in his day, when a 200-page print often required a busy day's work,In the mid-17th century, 2,000 pages of print could be produced in the same working day, a tenfold increase in efficiency. Today Heidelberg's SpeedMaster series of offset lithographic printing presses can produce more than 10, 000 sheets per hour, or at least a hundredfold more in days.

In the 1990s, with the rapid development of computer hardware and software in professional fields, the process of commercial printing has gradually realized more perfect digitalization in countries and regions with developed printing industry technology. Especially in the prepress area, the advent of color desktop publishing (DTP) has revolutionized contemporary printing. Under the control of computer, scanning, digital camera, direct plate making, digital proofing, digital printing machine and other equipment to achieve digital joint operation.

The printing industry has entered the 21st century, with the popularization and rapid growth of the international interconnection network, and the realization of the trans-international printing business has become a reality. Printing, once an ancient term, will be a technical field requiring continuous long-term learning to effectively control for every relevant practitioner today.

Many of the products we use in our offices and schools today are produced by printing presses.Like notebooks, post-it notes, stickers, even bags and gift boxes.Use files in AI,CDR,EPS or PDF format,the substrate is paper or plastic.The printing ink is CMYK(CyanMagentaYellowBlackor Pantone color.Printing machines are divided into monochrome, two-color and four-color presses.

The printing process provides us with indispensable items in work and study.Whether recording life, cultural propaganda, or daily necessities.We are all completely attached to print.It would be fair to say that most of the objects we see in our lives are printed and they are completely inseparable from our lives



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