The Nice Note-taking Method ——《Notepad Dream Project》

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The Nice Note-taking Method——Notepad Dream Project


 "Make your life pyramid and define your perfect life."

     The book I want to recommend to you today is called Notepad Dream Project

 The author of this book is Masasu Kumagai. After dropping out of high school, it was with the power of his dream notepad that he completely turned his life around and, in 15 years, founded GMO Group, the most influential online company in Japan, and realized his dream of owning a company that went public.


 In the book, the author leads us step by step, writing down a list of life's dreams and then putting them in categories in the pyramid of life until finally, they all come true. I would like to share the notepad template that could help you to make a custom post-it notepad:

Sometimes we are always shy to write down our dreams or afraid to tell our dreams to the people around us. This is not the best practice because only if you dare to think, say and write, the world will hear and will generously help you to realize your dreams. So, prepare a piece of paper and a pen, then find a quiet place, put aside time, money, and the ability for a while, write down your heart's desire and tell the world out loud!

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