Get creative for your handbook - fun to draw

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Get creative for your handbook - fun to draw

Do you run out of ideas when you wish to put some exciting illustrations to the content you write? We are not full of good ideas all the time. To better leave a bright design in our notebooks, we also have to learn to borrow from the work of others. Other people's work will provide us with more different ways of thinking. These designs can always be used to write in a journal or make a handbook.


These two pictures use a visual design that gives a sense of humor and wit. The man in the first picture seems to be about to fall off a cliff, and the man in the second picture is miserable - he's like Tom, hit on the head by a rake he stepped on.

Perhaps you also like something more esoteric; the image of the mummy designed in the picture is perfect for a travel diary when you visit Egypt. If you go fishing one day, the journal could not be more appropriate for the appearance of the characters in the second painting.

This polar bear looking out over the ice floe, next to the crumpled paper, creates a very realistic feel. If you crush half of a piece of paper and draw an iron, you can express that you did some chores today.

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