Debossed notebooks——Full of personality

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Debossed notebooks——Full of personality

When choosing a notebook or diary, we always consider whether its cover matches our aesthetic. At the same time, we also want these beautiful patterns to stay for quite a long time. That's why debossed hard notebooks are a good choice.

You can print some patterns on your cover, just like the notebook in the picture. This gives the notebook a little more of a dreamy feel. Think of it as your journal; it may bring you more inspiration. The scattered patterns each have a unique image, but they make up the beauty.

Of course, you can also choose some patterns full of personality to give your cover some more unique ethnic branding or cultural flavor. The figure of the eight trigrams symbolizes the philosophy of all things, representing balance and wisdom. Of course, perhaps you prefer a detailed image of the pattern; would the animal on the cover be your choice.

  Suppose you are a person who loves plants. Printing some beautiful plants on the cover of your journal will be to your liking.

  If you want, you can also touch all the details of these patterns - which will not be brought to you by other printing methods.

  Choose a debossed notebook and customize it with your graphics and logo.