Travel Notes: What kind of travelers’ notebook to take on a trip

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Travel Notes: What kind of travelers’ notebook to take on a trip

How long can you hold on to something? Many things are half-hearted; before the departure of a trip, we will spend a lot of effort to create a favorite travel notebook. Whether it is a DIY travel notebook or buy a ready-made travel notebook, it is inevitable to spend some thought on the appearance. I think that the appearance of the travel notebook can be less concerned about the content inside is worth caring about. I once felt, like most people, that the cover and texture of a travel notebook was important. Still, after a long trip, I found that I didn't care about the notebook's appearance during the trip, and I was serious about making the contents of the notebook more informative.

When the trip is over, all we can bring back with us is what was recorded in the book - probably the book itself no longer has a cover. The reason why travel notebooks carry so much weight in our minds is precise because of the importance of the content inside them. When people talk about travel, they always say how many places they have visited. So, how do you record your journey in your travel notebook? If you just write "I've been to this place" as a marker on a map, it will look very empty and boring. Because if you go by train, you can also pass through many places, but if this is how we travel, what is the point of travel?


What should be recorded in the travelers’ notebook is the process of travel, it can be a running account, you can record those places that attract you, write some sense of words is also necessary. The things in the travel notebook are not to attract attention, but to keep for yourself to see. If you set out to travel more often, you will find yourself changed each time you look back on those experiences in the travel notebook. Even many years later, you will have a sense of who you once were - a sense that is exclusively yours.


SanMao's book, Tales of the Sahara, is considered a travelogue of a vacation. In her works, we see people and things in different places, which may be the blueprint for us to write travel notes. Those people we pass by in our travels may never see again in our lifetime, or even disappear in our memory one day, but if we write this person in our travelers’ notebooks. As long as the notebook is there, this person will exist in our memory forever. Whenever we review the notebook, we will think of them.



So far, if you want to ask what travel notebooks should be brought on a trip, I have come to the experience - any notebook can write, whether a hardcover notebook or a paperback notebook, as long as the notebook is easy to carry, not too heavy, sturdy wire binding, the rest do not have to be too strong. Because it is not the notebook itself that leaves a good memory, but the content of the travel notes. For those who are still struggling with what kind of notebook to bring to travel, you can try to plan their travel plans first, try to make their own travel more full.


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