Notebook with Chinese culture

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Notebook with Chinese culture

Today we have carefully selected some notebooks, notepads, and diaries that bear the imprint of Chinese culture. This beautifully crafted stationery is not only practical but also equally collectible. Please take a look at it.




Notebook by wrapped-ridge binding


The wrapped-ridge binding will be back-to-back pages are folded up, so that the side with text outward, the mouth of the plate as the mouth of the book, and then the two sides of the pages glued to the spine, and then paper twist through the binding, and finally wrapped with the entire book jacket around the back. As the back of the book mouth to the outside, put vertically will wear the mouth of the book, the back of the book is generally flat on the shelf. The back of the book is the predecessor of wire binding.


Diary with Chinese painting


This diary has a three-dimensional painting hidden between the cover and the first page. The figure in the picture is none other than a woman from the Chinese Tang Dynasty. She is holding an unfolded scroll, and the beauty of the mountains and rivers behind it has the flavor of an ink painting. The woman in the back is holding a long strip in her hand, and this object is an item related to ritual ceremonies.


Notebook cover with white cranes printed on it


Immortals usually rode and bred white cranes in ancient Chinese myths and legends. A white crane is the name of a bird, also called an immortal crane. The white crane's white body embodies innocence, and in Chinese culture, the white crane also represents good luck and longevity. It is a symbol of holiness and elegance.The white cranes on the cover of these notebooks are exquisite and lifelike.


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