The exciting Traveler's Notebook

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The exciting Traveler's Notebook

In the travel process, what kind of way will you choose to record the trip? Some people like to immerse themselves in a good trip without registering it ultimately. Some people like to use the camera to express their praise for life, some like to use words to pour out their feelings, and some choose to sketch ......

But no matter what, this is the way everyone likes. Some people will also record the trip into a book of travel notes. Let's look at these beautiful travelers' notebook inserts.


 The whole layout allows for maximum placement of more content, and the interlacing of graphics and text allows for a fuller picture.

 Using a pen to draw down the actual landscape is also an excellent way to record your journey, and when you see the picture you have drawn, you will naturally remember where you have been.

 You can post the photos you take in inside of your travel notes so that you can also satisfy the needs of photography enthusiasts.

Cutting out letters and pictures from pictorials or newspapers and pasting them into a book to make a clip art effect can enrich the image. You can also try using some diary stickers; they also have this effect.

Of course, it is essential to try, and I hope you can also produce your Travel Notes.