Use diary planner to take reading notes without forgetting

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The ultimate goal of reading is to apply what you have learned, but how to never forget what you have seen? Today will bring you some reading methods.


1. Efficient reading in fragmented time


    Fragmented time is often very short, such as waiting for the car gap. But just because time is short, we have a time limit before reading, so our attention will be improved and our brain will operate more quickly. If you set a small goal for yourself in the limited time, such as reading a chapter before the car comes, because of time constraints and increased difficulty, the brain will secrete more dopamine, which can not only improve attention, but also improve memory, so that we can read efficiently in the state of high attention and high memory.

We have a lot of fragmented time, which is a great waste if we use it to play with mobile phones, and a great harvest if we use it to read books.


2. ‘Primacy effect’ and ‘Recency effect’

Psychologists believe that when people do something, they always focus on the beginning and end of the time, which is known as Primacy effect and Recency effect.

If it takes 15 minutes to read. Primacy effect and  Recency effect each account for 5 minutes respectively, and the total reading time memory effect of 10 minutes is better. If this is repeated four times, there will be 40 minutes of reading time in 60 minutes.

On the contrary, if you read in 60 minutes, Primacy effect and Recency effect each account for 5 minutes respectively, and only 10 minutes of high concentration are in total. 

Therefore, the effect of intermittent reading for four 15 minutes is better than that of continuous reading for 60 minutes. And from the point of view of brain science, 15 minutes is a time unit that people can concentrate highly. So we must maximize the effectiveness of 15 minutes.


3. Take reading notes

There are two completely different areas in the brain responsible for the functions of ‘literacy’and ‘drawing lines by hand’. If you add ‘taking notes’, you can also mobilize the functions of another area of the brain at the same time, making the brain more flexible and enhancing memory.

4.Recommend books to others

The second output after reading the book is to explain the content of the book to others and recommend the books we have read to others.

First of all, in order to introduce ourselves to others from multiple perspectives, we need to read this book from multiple perspectives, which can cultivate our ability of in-depth reading.

Secondly, every time you introduce the content of a book to others, it is a process of strengthening memory. If this kind of recommendation is made consciously, it can let us recall the contents of the book, which is to improve the review effect through ‘output’ .

In addition, when we recommend a good book to others, it will make others happy, which will make us have a great sense of achievement, so that we can have a deeper memory of the contents of the book and kill two birds with one stone.

5. Write book reviews


Writing book reviews is a new attempt after improving the level. The requirement of writing book reviews is much higher than that of writing feelings and making extracts. Before writing a book review, we must grasp the structure of a book as a whole and excavate the content of the book. This is actually a comprehensive review of books.


If you can output the above three times continuously and timely when reading, you can turn the short-term memory of this book into long-term memory.


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