Let paper cutouts decorate your notebooks

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Let paper cutouts decorate your notebooks


Chinese paper-cutting is a folk art of using scissors or carving knives to cut patterns on paper for decorating life or matching other folk activities.


Paper cutting is still a prevalent traditional culture in China. It is pasted on doors from house to house during the New Year. Paper-cutting is integrated into the social life of Chinese people and is an essential part of various folklore activities. The visual images and stylized forms inherited from paper-cutting are rich in cultural and historical information. Paper-cutting also expresses the ideals of life and the aesthetic interests of the general public.

Of course, the paper was invented in the Western Han Dynasty, so the art of paper-cutting could not have emerged before then. But the technique of hollowing and engraving was already famous when the paper did not exist, and people would cut patterns on gold leaf, leather, silk, and even on leaves.

Paper cutouts are usually put on windows or walls. It is also very suitable if you use it to decorate your diary.


Next, let's take a look at the clever combination of stationery and paper-cutting.


This paper-cutting style bookmark will be similar to the shadow bookmark. Chinese red is the primary color and then paired with a pattern with different good meanings, making a delicate artwork.

You can also use the paper cutouts on custom linen notebook covers, as this hardcover notebook features a giant rooster in the art of paper-cutting.

If you also need some nice notebooks with custom images you can customize your notebooks as you wish.