The combination of Beijing Opera Facial Masks and stationery

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The combination of Beijing Opera Facial Masks and stationery


Every nation has its characteristics, and once an ordinary thing is given the brand of a specific country, it becomes less common and thus becomes special.

The same is valid for stationery, notebooks, note pads, pens, or the inside of each sheet of paper. A nation's culture can assimilate every part of each stationery. Through the incorporated items, we can visually understand the characteristics of a National.

In this series of articles, I hope to show you some stationery that has been assimilated into Chinese culture. Through the design or pattern of these stationeries, I believe you will better understand Chinese culture.

First are some designs of Chinese facial masks.

Face painting, a painting on the face of a traditional Chinese opera performer, is used in makeup styling during stage performances. The situation of face painting varies from one line of work to another. The face makeup of "Sheng" and "Dan" is simple and slightly powdered, called "handsome dressing," "plain face," "clean face." "clean face." The "net" and "ugly" facial paintings are more complicated, especially the net, which are heavily oiled with complex patterns, so they are called "flower faces." The face painting in opera mainly refers to the net face painting. As for the "clown," he plays a dramatic role, so he puts a small piece of white powder on the bridge of his nose, which is commonly called a small flower face.


This is a metal bookmark with a delicate Chinese face painting, which becomes a fine artwork. It is like a relief carving, peaceful and perfect.

The pure Chinese red color, paired with the Peking Opera face, every place swept by the nib is less than the taste of excellent Chinese traditional culture. Such a pen has the value of the collection.

Next is the combination of face painting and notebooks and notepads. The cover of the face can become eye-catching scenery. The unique pattern can add a lot of joy to your study and work.

Finally, I wonder if you favor this sticky note paper gift box, and it can be a refreshing feeling in your daily life.

There are several sayings about the origin of Beijing Opera Facial Masks, one is from the Northern and Southern Dynasties of China, Northern Qi, flourished in the Tang Dynasty song and dance opera, also known as big face or generation face, is to praise the war achievements and virtues of King Lanling and do a solo dance for men. Lanling King Gao is tall and imposing, brave and good at war, but looks like a woman, every time they go to war, are wearing a fierce mask, repeatedly won. People created the men's solo dance to glorify King Lanling and masks. Opera actors’ facial masks on stage are used to help increase the character traits, appearance characteristics, status of the characters played, achieve rich stage color, and beautify the stage effect. The stage face is the harmonious concept and perception in people's minds.  

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