The Origin Story of Sticky Notes

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The Origin Story of Sticky Notes

We always use the sticky notes to help us remember something to do and live a more convenient life. However, do you know how was it created?

In 1977, Arthur Fry, an engineer who worked in 3M company, can’t find the right page in poems because of the slipping bookmarks when he worshiped in the church. It bothers him very much. After thinking, he come up with an unprecedented idea why not invent a note-pad that can be stick repeatedly! By chance, he conjured up his colleague Dr. Spencer Silver has invented a special adhesive in 1968. So he used this adhesive on the back of the note pad. After continuously improving, sticky notes was born.

People are preferred to use the sticky notes because it is convenient for people to take some notes and stick on the obvious place to remind themselves. The best advantage of it is to tear off without leaving mark.


Now Sticky Notes Have a Variety of Shapes to Meet People’s Aesthetic.

The First Type

This squired shape is the most normal style. What makes it fascinating is the printed beautiful figure. The patternwhatever you want can be printed on the paper. Put on refrigerator or other obvious places to remind us what we should do in the day. Every morning you get up, seeing a note on such a cute sticky note, starting a new day with happy emotion.


The Second Type


They look like a chocolate and a cookie. This sticky note is really realistic, so be careful when you using it. Don’t mix it up with real chocolate. Do you feel hungry when you see it? Furthermore, as if we can smell the aroma when seeing it. Of course, there are many other food shapes for you to choose, such as eggs, bread, grape, apple and so on.


The Third Type

This kind of design is the most complex in the market. It will form a building or a 3D model when you run out of it. It deeply arouses people’ curious about what it will finally be and how it will look like. Although the actual usefulness is poor. But the production process is complicated, so the price is not cheap.


The Forth Type

These funny facial emoji can be used to express your emotion. This is a euphemistic method to express your feeling especially when you are angry so that can avoid break up the relationship between your friends. The small size decides the area will not be taken up too much.


The Fifth Type

This type was used as a book mark. You can write down the conspicuous message in short phrase and put on the right page so that you can find the information you need quickly. The most different point that distinguishes it from other sticky notes is its material PET. 

More fashion types of sticky notes will be created with the developing technology. Looking forward to what it will be in the future.



If you can output the above three times continuously and timely when reading, you can turn the short-term memory of this book into long-term memory.


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