Custom notebooks: common cover materials

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Custom notebooks: common cover materials




  There is an ongoing discussion on the internet about paper notebooks: can electronic products, such as tablet computers like pads, replace paper notebooks?

Most people agree that there is no substitute for paper notebooks.

Many people believe that compared to iPads, paper notebooks allow for instant recording, can be quickly put into a recording state, and are not easily distracted ......

Nowadays, notebooks are not just a tool for taking notes, and people are paying more and more attention to their functionality, texture, and value. There are more and more forms of notebooks on the market, and there are various ways to divide them, such as cover materials, interior materials, binding methods, subject content, etc. Today we will introduce the cover material.

I would like to share with you some knowledge related to notebook cover materials.

The cover reflects the content points of the notebook, visually conveys the value of the notebook, and structurally protects the inner core. Common cover materials used in notebooks are paper, leather, cloth,  felt, PVC, etc.

Custom notebooks: common cover materials

1. LeatherCover

Leather-faced notebooks are generally divided into two kinds——hard-shell hardcover and soft-shell.  

Hard-shell notebooks: Hard-shellhardcovernotebook covers are generally laminated with the gray board, cut rounded corners, and have some accessories, such as leather straps, ribbons, etc.

Softcover notebooks: Softcover notebooks are usually laminated with the cover leather and the first page of the interior, and the notebook can be bent 180 degrees. There are also various leather options, including genuine leather, imitation leather, tactile, grainy, etc. The leather color can also be customized according to demand.


2. Cloth cover

Generally speaking, cloth notebooks have a shorter life span than leather hardcover notebooks, and the configuration is relatively simplified. There are many fabrics to choose from, such as cotton, linen, silk, velvet, etc. You can select the appropriate material based on the tone of the notebook.


3. PVC cover

The PVC cover and the YO ring binding are arguably the most familiar forms of notebooks for student parties. With the continuous optimization and upgrading of notebooks, there is a curly PVC with binder form in recent years, more flexible, more conducive to the organization of information. The transparent PVC cover allows users to decorate the cover themselves quickly.

4. PP cover

PP frosted material has many advantages: no odor, comfortable touch, rich texture, toughness. The frosted design increases concealment while maintaining transparency, generally with the coil production notebook. The coil is good quality, durable, and easy to turn pages.

5. Paper Cover

Generally, with paper as the notebook's cover, such as kraft notebooks, the cover paper is thicker and more rigid. The overall notebook is thin, suitable for use, and easy to carry. Riding stables and sewing are standard binding methods for these notebooks.

Different covers are suitable for other occasions and jobs, but there is always one that suits you, and we can provide you with a variety of choices. In addition to these, we also offer products with a sense of design.





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