Stationery and shadow puppets

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Stationery and shadow puppets

  Shadow Puppets is an ancient traditional Chinese folk art called "donkey shadow" by old Beijingers. According to historical records, shadow puppets began in the Western Han Dynasty, flourished in the Tang Dynasty, and spread to Western Asia and Europe during the Yuan Dynasty. The silhouettes are made of animal skins or cardboard. When performing, the artists behind a white curtain, while manipulating the shadow people, tell the story with local popular tunes and percussion instruments and strings with a strong local flavor. Its popularity is vast, and there are many different kinds of shadow plays depending on the singing styles performed in other places.

  Shadow Puppets have been around for more than 2000 years since they were first written down.

  A long time ago, Emperor Wu's beloved concubine, Lady Li, died of an illness. Emperor Wu was in a trance and ignored the government all day. One day, minister Li Shaoweng went out and came


  across a child playing with a rag doll, the shadow of which was reflected in the ground vividly. Li Shaoweng was moved to use cotton and silk to cut into the image of Mrs. Li, painted with colors, and installed wooden poles at the hands and feet. He put up a square curtain at night, lit a lamp and candles, and invited the emperor to sit in the tent to watch. Emperor Wu was pleased to see it and loved it.


  The silhouettes of the characters in shadow puppets are particularly suitable for bookmarks, but of course, we need to change the production material to metal. We put this unique bookmark in your custom diary or notebook; in addition to the role of the bookmark itself, it can also play a decorative function.


  In addition, you can also choose to print notepads with silhouettes of characters. You can also experience the culture of the atmosphere.

  If you would like these prints to appear on the cover of your notebook, you can contact us