Those amazingly creative custom sticky notes

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Those amazingly creative custom sticky notes

Sticky notes are office supplies that come in various paper qualities, shapes, colors, and sizes. Dozens or hundreds of them form a stack that can be taped anywhere to quickly remind users about issues, ideas, instructions, and other things. When you forget to do something, you can write on top of the sticky note and paste it where you will see it; you will be able to recall the matter. It can also be used to leave a message and inform others.

Post-it notes provide convenience for our office, but with the improvement of living standards, people increasingly need to meet their aesthetic needs. Therefore, while focusing on using the effect, a variety of novel designs are emerging.

Fruit sticky notes

A creative sticky note in the shape of the fruit, pears, apples, and other different fruits, looks very realistic and attractive. Fruit sticky note is a very creative sticky note; it broke through a habit of traditional people on the sticky note. When you open him up, you will see a paper model, it looks like some fruit. While it has an attractive appearance, it is not losing its practicality.

Bald sticky notes

"Art comes from life but higher than life," with the progress of the times and the development of society, material conditions become better and better. Still, at the same time, people's life is more and more stressful. People usually work long hours in Asia and need more brain time every day. With the stress comes baldness, and some young people are going bald at a young age. Baldness is, therefore, a hot topic of discussion for everyone. I never thought that a designer would apply this topic to sticky notes. This sticky note allows you to experience the process of hair loss, and with the sad and melancholy expression of the character, it perfectly matches the social reality.

Construction sticky notes

When we use up all the sticky notes, all we may have left is the memory of the information. But this sticky note provides convenience to the user while also leaving a beautiful art paper sculpture for the user after it is consumed. The design of these sticky notes completely overturned the traditional perception of sticky notes. When you tear off a sticky note, you will see the roof, the house in turn revealed, and finally, use the entire sticky note; a beautiful building will come into view, so people are surprised.

Steak sticky note

The designer of this sticky note must love food. Irregular shape, with a very realistic printing, it is easy to think that it is a steak without a closer look. In addition, its packaging also imitates the supermarket disposable lunch boxes, giving people the effect of fake. In addition to steak, there is fish steak, etc., other appearance.

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